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The Wellness Company

Our Story

The Wellness Company (TWC), is a pioneering organization dedicated to transforming the healthcare landscape and promoting holistic approaches to well-being. Founded out of necessity and a passion for medical freedom, TWC has emerged as a beacon of hope in an era marked by a failing medical system, oppressive health policies, and a growing appreciation for natural remedies. 

With over 15 years of experience leading and building successful businesses, the visionary founders recognized the urgent need for change. They witnessed firsthand the limitations of the existing healthcare system and the lack of recognition for alternative therapies that offer effective and safe solutions to various ailments. Determined to be part of the solution, they established TWC as a platform to champion medical freedom, affordable healthcare, and patient-centered care.

Central to TWC's ethos is their exceptional medical team, whose dedication, courage, and passion drive their commitment to medical freedom and truth. Comprising renowned practitioners from various disciplines, the team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to deliver unparalleled care to our patients. These practitioners align with our fundamental belief in the primacy of the patient, ensuring that every decision and recommendation is made with their best interests in mind. We believe that everyone deserves access to effective, safe, and natural healthcare options, and we are dedicated to making that a reality.

Dr. Braun's expertise and dedication to promoting wellness align perfectly with the TWC vision. Through his platforms, he will be recommending TWC's exceptional products, allowing you to experience the transformative benefits of their offerings firsthand.


Whether you are seeking innovative solutions for your health concerns, looking to explore alternative therapies, or simply striving to achieve a higher level of well-being, Dr. Braun and the TWC are here to support you. With a focus on integrative approaches, cutting-edge research, and a compassionate mindset, we are committed to empowering individuals on their journey to optimal health.

Join us in our pursuit of a healthcare system rooted in freedom, transparency, and the highest standard of care. Together, we can reshape the future of wellness and pave the way for a healthier, happier world.




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