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Dr Tau Braun 2023 Biochem Engeneering.jpg


  • U.S. National Counterterrorism & EMS Advisor and Trainer 

  • Chief Scientist, BioChem Engineering

  • Executive Director, Violence Prevention Agency (VPA)

Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership, MS in Clinical Psychology (cum laude), Threat Management Specialist, EMT

As a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Tau Braun focused on integrative psychology and wellness. Post 9/11, Dr. Braun began to narrow his research and practice to understanding the causes of violence, the prevention and response to violence, and crisis psychology. 


As a U.S. National Counterterrorism and Emergency Management SME, Dr. Braun advises and trains educational institutions, healthcare facilities, corporations (including Fortune 100 and 500 companies), and both state and federal government organizations in Violence Prevention Strategies and Crisis Response, such as Threat Management; Active Attacker Prevention and Response, Counterterrorism, and Crisis Leadership. In 2019, Dr. Braun provided testimony on Mass Violence to the Texas Senate Select Committee on Mass Violence Prevention and Community Safety.


Dr. Tau Braun’s epistemological, humanistic, systems-based approach offers a compassionate, scientific, optimistic, and mindful solution to complex issues.


During the COVID crisis, Dr. Braun found himself in the epicenter, New York City, and shifted his focus towards mitigation and prevention strategies against the virus, a non-human mass casualty attacker, causing immense amounts of human suffering. In 2020-2021 he led a team of scientists in developing and sourcing Covid-19 response strategies. This effort culminated in the invention of Copperine, a bioavailable copper-zinc-polyphenol formulation. The compound is suitable for a wide range of delivery methods, including but not limited to an aerosolized vapor that is inhaled and sprayed directly into the mouth.


On June 6th, 2021 Dr. Braun wrote a letter to the FBI voicing his concerns with Covid research, Covid vaccines, spike proteins, and the overall response to what could be a biological attack and offered to provide support.


Dr. Braun is currently investigating the bio-synthetic aspects of SARS-CoV2, the possibility that it is a military-grade biological weapon, and mapping its pathophysiology. 

Previous Clients

ABT Associates

ALERRT - Texas State University 

Aransas Pass Police Department

California Association of Tactical Officers

Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

Chinese-American Planning Council

City of Denver

City of Los Angeles 

Coastal Bend Regional Advisory Council

ESRD Network 18 Of Southern California

Emergency Preparedness Office California Department of Public Health


Glenn County Sheriff's Office 

Health Care Foundation for Ventura County

Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG)

Homeland Security Advisory Group

Hudson River Trading HRT

Los Angeles County

Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) 

Metropolitan Hospital Security Directors Association

NYU Langone Medical Centers

Pacific Premier Bank

Santa Clarita Community College District





Speaking Engagements Keynotes, Workshops, and Training


Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Conference, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Center (CMS) Conference, the California Tactical Officers Association (CATO) Conference, the Los Angeles County Situational Awareness Symposium, the FEMA Active Shooter Preparation for Higher Education Workshop, the National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference, Ventura County’s Master The Disaster Symposium, CBRAC Violence Prevention and Response Symposium, the Preparedness Summit, INTERCEP’s Urgent Threat Forum, the ACI-NA Airport Collaborative: Crisis Management Workshop, the California Department of Public Health - EMSA Emergency Preparedness Training Workshop, Indiana Department of Education School Safety Training, Men in Nursing and Women in EMS Conference, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Solano County EMS Summit, Glenn County Violence Prevention + Response Summit, Everbridge’s Global Security Operations Center Workshops, the Bank Security Conference, and Denver International Airport’s Safety Seminar, Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) Crisis Leadership and Emergency Management Workshop, TogetherWell Covid-19 Response, and the Maryland Center for School Safety - Safety Seminar Series.

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