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November 23th, 2021

Field Notes: 11/23/21

I hope the world will realize that we are being driven into a war to destroy each other rather than turning on the Corporate Slave Owners.

The Oppressors are running the Plantation from New Zealand and Australia. The manor is well-manicured, sufficiently prepped, stocked, and secured. The peasants disarmed.

Soon, the moat will be guarded by the Australian Royal Navy using the finest nuclear-powered submarines that US, UK, and Ozzie tax-payer funding can buy with $65 billion. Illness is running rampant amongst the commoners globally. The looming food shortages should keep the controlled from biting the hands that feed them.

The children are growing restless, but that will be remedied shortly, as they will be in the dopamine-drenched metaverse killing each other for tokens to be used to stay in the game. Perhaps the silver lining that will come from having them attached and wasting away in the verse is they won’t notice their Lou Gehrig-like physical deterioration. The cruel irony, the metaverse’s symbol is infinity, but young lives are ending prematurely from Covid vaccines across the globe. Perhaps Zuckerberg asked mass killer James Holmes for help with the logo? Like seems to attract like.

I am not sure what to make of the growing rebellion. I am excited but like the US. Capital invasion, it seems like bait. Destruction and violence will only give more evidence to the Elites’ invented belief that they need to keep things in order, as the dregs can never seem to control themselves.

I remain optimistic, though, reminded of the headshot that took out Charles Whitman. Law Enforcement brought that mass killing to an end. Soon enough, the Peace Makers will end this one too.

Whitman understood two main things about his attack he had limited time to achieve his goal, and he knew someone somewhere would end the carnage. He called for an autopsy to study his brain to prevent someone in the future from desiring the same thing. Body count. Like I testified to the Texas Senate, we did not learn from those findings and that we still ignore the neurological causes of psychopathy and the harm psychopaths do, and that is on us, not him.

The words inscribed on the tower below him remain true today as they did then, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”




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